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Updated: 11 February 2018

What is Pest Control Cairns?

Pest Control Cairns provides a complete set of pest management services for Cairns and surrounding areas. We offer inspections, reports and most importantly pest extermination and the follow-up management.

What is a Pest?

A pest can be described as any animal or insect that is harmful to humans or human belongings such as livestock or farms. There are many types of pests that live with humans. While most of these pests are just a nuisance, many can cause harm to you, your family, your building, your crops, etc. At Pest Control Cairns we take home safety seriously and therefore advise to always have the details of a professional pest control services in Cairns handy!

Services Offered by Pest Control Cairns


Cockroaches are very hardy insects and can live in nearly all types of environments on Earth ranging from the cold temperatures of the Arctic to the heat of the tropical forests. While there are over 4600 types of cockroach species, only about 30 of them are found in or around human habitats. These 30 species feed on human or pet food in your house. They are also known to cause bad odor. Apart from this nuisance and the general panic they cause when they land on your body, cockroaches also carry pathogens on their body and can spread diseases. Many cockroach species are also linked with allergic reactions in humans.

Getting rid of cockroaches is very difficult as they are very hardy and difficult to kill. Also, they breed very fast and even if you are able to get rid of a large percentage of them, the remaining ones will quickly breed and render your efforts useless.

Just keep in mind that for every cocoroach you see there are another dozen (at least) that yo don’t see…

Although it is always recommended to get the professional pest control services engaged – here are a couple of tips if you do want to treat them yourself:

  • Poisoned baits have proven to be effective. These baits can contain hydramethylnon or fipronil which is very powerful and causes a chain effect.
  • Boric powder is also effective against cockroaches.
  • Use insecticides containing deltamethrin or pyrethrin.

If cockroaches trouble you – let Pest Control Cairns know and we will be right over!


There are many types of rodents who live in or around human habitats and at Pest Control Cairns – we have seen all of them. Out of these, rats and mice cause the most harm to us or to our crops and stored produce. Rodents can destroy crops or eat stored produce and cause famines.
They are also responsible for the spread of many types of diseases. Most of you would be aware of bubonic plague, also known the black death, that killed a major part of the European population in the 14th century. The plague was caused by flea-carrying rodents, so it shows you how critical it is to have them in control.

Common methods employed to control rodent population includes trapping and poisoning. You can also keep a cat at home as they are a natural predator to rodents. Unless the rodent population is big, a cat or two can keep it in check.


Termites are one of the most enduring insects on earth. They have successfully colonized every continent except Antarctica. While most of them are found in forests, many termite colonies can be found in human habitats too.

8 out of 10 homes in Cairns are withing 25 meters of a termite colony

As termites have a habit of eating wood, they can cause great damages to buildings, furniture or anything made of wood. This is more likely if these structures do not have anti-termite coatings or other suitable protection.

The easiest way to control termite population is to have an anti-termite coating on your wooden structures. Another common method used to kill termites is to use a high concentration of salt in salt water to kill them.

Termites are probably cause the most physical damage compared to other pest, yet at Pest Control Cairns we know how to get rid of them and preserve your property for the years to come.


There are many species of ants that live in or around our homes. If left alone, they can cause damage to the building, or eat away stored food. If you get in their way, they can also sting or bite you. While the bites of most ants will sting, there are some ants whose bites can be very painful.

The most efficient way to eliminate ant populations is to use insecticidal bait. These baits are effective at killing ants and the ants are also easily attracted to the bait. They also help spread the insecticide by taking it back with them to their nest. Other methods include pouring kerosine in their nest.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most dangerous parasites on this list as they directly feed on human blood instead of simply being a nuisance or eating away our food. There are also some species of these bugs that also feed on animals. These bed bugs are mainly active during the night as they prefer to feed on their hosts without being noticed. Bed bugs can cause many health problems such as skin rashes or allergies. Although they are not known for spreading any major pathogens, you should get rid of these pests immediately.

Bed bugs can cause many health problems such as skin rashes or allergies. Although they are not known for spreading any major pathogens, you should get rid of these pests immediately.

Adult female bed bug lays 5 eggs per day, consistently.

One method to get rid of bed bugs is to vacuum the bed thoroughly.  They can also be killed by the use of extreme temperatures. Exposure to temperatures of 50 degrees and above should see the bedbug killed in 2 minutes. However, it is advisable to call professional pest control team at Pest Control Cairns to eliminate them and if you in Cairns – we can help you!

Feral Birds

Feral birds are birds that escaped domestication and then managed to establish a wild population in non-local landmasses. Most of these birds are not intentionally let out but escape. These birds later compete with the local birds and can sometimes be pests. These pest birds cause damage to crops and some of them can also spread diseases in humans and in animals.

The most commonly used form of pest control for feral birds is to capture them by using traps. Shooting and killing these feral birds is another common method used by most farmers whose crops are damaged by these birds. However, there are many different birds in Cairns some of which are endangered, hence engaging a professional pest control services are advised.


There are many other types of pests that may cause damage to you or your property. If there are some that we have not listed, please get in touch with us at Pest Control Cairns and our trained professionals with the latest equipment will give you a prompt and long lasting service!

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